TAS : Takeoff for Architecture and Structure

A complete solution for companies quantifying projects in construction. Save countless hours through or automatic identification of drawings and BIM models.

See quantities like never before

Our software converts 2D drawing to 3D quickly and easily for measurements that consider their function and material as well as the relationship between one another.

BIM Solution

Measuring on models or using IFC quantities gives only half the story. Trust BuildingSMART certified Cubicost to import your model and give you the real quantities, with deductions and measurement rules.

Detailed, professional

Get rich quantity reports split by floor, room, zone or type exportable straight to Excel. Or link the model data straight to your cost plan in TBQ for unrivalled efficiency.


Cubicost Products

Cubicost TAS (Take-off Architectural and Structural)
TAS is BIM-based quantity takeoff software for architecture and structure, which has successfully passed the building SMART certification.
It works with Cubicost TRB, TME and TBQ, taking the lead in the era of BIM.

Cubicost TRB (Take-off Rebar)
A BIM-based quantity takeoff software for rebar. TRB is the only quantity takeoff software embedded with local measurement methods, which has been proved by users from many countries. Perform deductions automatically based on the structural joints & rebar connections in BIM model to ensure the calculation accuracy.

Cubicost TME (Take-off Mechanical and Electrical)
As BIM-based software for MEP quantity takeoff, Cubicost TME is accurate, quick and easy

Cubicost TBQ (Take-off Bill of Quantities)
TBQ is an innovative, efficient and easy-to-use cost estimating software. Integrated with Glodon TAS, TRB & TME, it forms the Glodon BIM Cost Solution, taking the lead in the era of BIM.

The Team

Glodon Cubicost Indonesian representative office are operated by talented person with advanced knowledge and skills, here are the team :

  • Branch Manager : Miss. Helen Chan
  • Sales team :
    • Mr. Kevin Gautama
    • Mr. Anggi Arianda
    • Mr. Andre Marthu Elfan
    • Mr.¬†Azhari Dasra
    • Mr. Theo
    • Mrs. Lala
  • Service team :
    • Mr. Rano
    • Mr. Reza
    • Mr. Rizki Raditya
    • Miss. Dyah Okty
  • Product :
    • Mr. Irman Novriandi
  • Admin team :
    • Mr. Rizal
    • Mrs. Prisillia Sarah



Cubicost Indonesia Office

Cubicost are part of Glodon Enterpise, the Head Office are located at Zhongguanchun Software Park, Haidian district, Beijing, People’s Republic of China.

Cubicost has several branch office and representative office all around the world. The location is at Beijing, Xi’an (Shaanxi province, PRC), Hong Kong, Petaling Jaya (Selangor, Malaysia), Singapore, London (UK) and Jakarta (Indonesia).

Indonesian representative office were established since 2015, the office were located at :

  • Address: The H Tower-citadens Floor 15 suite B2 JI.H.R.Rasuna Said Kav.20 Kuningan Jakarta
  • Tel: +021 29533-210
  • Email: ina@glodon.com

Welcome to Cubicost Indonesia

Hi, welcome to Cubicost Indonesia Blog.

Welcome to unofficial blog of Cubicost Indonesia, a brand from Glodon Enterprise from China. Cubicost is a series of 4 (four) take-off quantity software for construction industries in the world of Civil and Architectural.

As the technologies in construction developed with the introduction of Building Information Modelling (BIM), Cubicost took part in the world of BIM by providing a dedicated automated quantity take-off software based on a construction drawing, generated a quantity volume and applied with unit price analysis and base price library.

Cubicost provide an efficient, easy-to-use and advanced technology for the world of construction. Cubicost makes your life easier.